Omolola Olateju

2019 Fuel Your Dreams Award Winner - New York

Omolola Olateju is a NYC-based, marketing strategist and hospitality professional. While completing her master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern, she began her hospitality career and quickly rose to Front of House Manager at one of Chicago’s beloved cocktail concepts. With her project Black Girls Drink, Omolola integrates her marketing skills with her love for hospitality. Omolola uses BGD to amplify and empower a segment often overlooked in the industry, black women. Through tasting events and maintaining online conversations, Omolola spreads awareness of black women-owned and operated businesses.

"Winning the Fuel Your Passion scholarship has been an unexpected surprise in my journey as a hospitality professional. This scholarship will not only facilitate my own growth and success, but will enable me to tap into new and greater audiences as I strive to rally people to support black business owners and beverage professionals.”

Omolola Olateju

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