Jennifer Wall


Jennifer was born in Sacramento in California’s Great Central Valley, a premier agricultural region, where she was first introduced to farming and viticulture. After earning her bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz, Jennifer worked the 1991 harvest in Sonoma County. She quickly discovered — in spite of grueling 14- to 16-hour days — that she loved winemaking.

When Jennifer took the helm, the Barefoot collection comprised just four varietals and had an annual production of 140,000 cases. Under her leadership, however, Barefoot grew to 592,000 cases in annual sales and achieved global reach in just 10 years. Barefoot has since grown to be the most-awarded wine brand in U.S. competitions and the largest bottled wine brand in the world, encompassing a diverse collection of more than 30 wines.

Jennifer Wall

Jennifer frequently travels to spread the word of Barefoot wines and participates in the organization’s longstanding commitment to “local love” by partnering with local charities across the country. 

When she is not on the road or at the winery, Jennifer spends time at home with her family in Sonoma County and volunteers for Girl Scouts of America, Catwalk for a Cure and other impactful non-profits.

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