Lauren McCabe

Operations Manager

After six years of active duty service in the Navy, Lauren transitioned into the private sector. Her position as a Naval officer prepared her for a number of obvious careers requiring leadership and discipline. When it came time to choose between several offers, she chose the road less traveled. 

“When given the opportunity at William Hill Estate, I was excited for the chance to work with a small, passionate team to create iconic wines within the Napa Valley,” she said. “My bosses, cross functional team members and those I lead have taught me so much about wine, the winemaking process and how unique every vintage is.”

Before moving to William Hill, Lauren learned the ropes with the help from her manager and on-the-job training on the bottling line. “Bottling is exciting because it’s the final step of the production process; the months and years of work that go into creating these wines culminates in bottling and it’s the last time we see the wine before it goes to our consumer.”

Today, Lauren oversees operations for the winery, including the bottling line where she learned the ropes. She described her leadership philosophy as “an iron fist wrapped in velvet,” an approach that has earned her team’s respect and led them to many successes.

A San Diego native, Lauren spends her free time playing soccer or escaping to the beach any chance she gets. “I’m solar powered and love being outdoors."

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