Cristin Castro

2019 Fuel Your Dreams Award Winner - Texas

Moxy’s history with wine, beer, and spirits runs deep and wide. She earned a Master's in Fine Food and Beverage from SDA Bocconi, in Milan. She has written on beverage for the Southwest Brewers News, la Cocinita magazine, L style G style, and was a co-author of the SDA Bocconi publication on Wine Business in the US. She was the NSM for Charbay Artisan Distillery and helped invigorate the artisan spirits movement in its early days. She was muddling before country was cool. She was the Southwest Regional Sales Manager for Esprit Du Vin, a European importer, then led for 4 years as the Central Texas Regional Sales Director of D&E Fine Wine at Southern Glazers.

In 2019 she started a Beverage Consulting firm, Commonwealth Beverage & Brand, LLC. She focuses on working with small to medium-sized companies and innovation arms of larger companies to bring new products to market and to help companies align their sales, marketing, and production plans to go to market strategically. Her other project is working on a Sustainability Platform for Texas where producers can share information on sustainability, water use, and more. Her inspirations are many but include reggae on vinyl and Alsace Grand Cru. She lives in Austin with her partner Karla, a Goldendoodle named Stella, and a cat named Pancake.

“Thank you so very much to the Women of the Vine & Spirits Foundation and the Gallo Family and Company for selecting me to receive a continuing education scholarship. With it I will be working to add another layer to my skills in both e-commerce and sustainable production practices. Thank you for your support!

Cristin Castro

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