Beth Liston


Beth Liston discovered her interest in the world of wine while growing up on California’s Central Coast. During college, Beth worked in a local tasting room where she fell in love with the craft. She quickly developed a fascination for the combination of art and science that goes hand in hand with making great wines. 

Beth earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in business administration with a minor in wine and viticulture from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. Upon graduation, Beth completed graduate work in the food science department and worked in on-premise wine sales in Austin, Texas, before setting her sights on winemaking. With fifteen harvests behind her, Beth has accumulated a diverse collection of winemaking experiences from the Limestone Coast of South Australia, to Napa and now in California’s Central Valley. 

Beth Liston

Beth pours her passion and creativity into her bold Dark Horse Wines. She constantly experiments with different grape varieties, innovative vineyard management and winemaking techniques to create exceptional wines that over deliver on quality. 

Beth’s passions extend beyond the vineyard and cellar. Outside of work, Beth enjoys spending time with her husband, Daniel, their four-year-old son, Cole, and their two American Bulldog puppies. She also loves traveling and exploring new cultures through food and wine. After a long week, Beth says there’s no better way to relax than yoga, hanging with friends, or exploring the Bay Area with her boys.

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